River Habitat Survey

What we do

River Habitat Survey (RHS) is a technique developed to record physical habitat and geomorphology along a designated 500m stretch of river. RHS is designed to offer a reproduceable semi-objective method of assessing river habitat quality and naturalness. All RHS data collected in the UK is stored on the Environment Agency RHS database.

Our staff are accredited with the Environment Agency for undertaking RHS 2003 version. During 2008 we collected information for the Environment Agency baseline RHS throughout Lincolnshire which will be used to monitor water body quality as specified by the EU Water Framework Directive.

Why Choose Us?

Our survey experience enables us to carry out surveys for entry into the RHS database for Environment Agency projects, other research projects and for post project monitoring of river restoration projects and similar works.

As a smaller consultancy our rates are competitive. We are flexible and can respond quickly to requests for surveys countrywide, making appropriate arrangements regarding travel and accommodation to minimise Client costs.