What we do

We undertake hydrological analysis to inform high and low flow assessments. Our high flow analysis includes hydrological studies for river modelling projects, assessment of flood event return periods and drainage analysis prepared in support of Flood Risk Assessments.

Our staff have a high level of experience in the use of specialist modelling packages and techniques, including in depth knowledge of Flood Estimation Handbook (FEH) methodology, Catchmod and FRQSIM hydrological modelling software. For low flows, we have experience of hydrological techniques in support of abstraction licensing, low flow investigations and more general rainfall runoff modelling.

Members of our staff have designed and presented training courses in rainfall runoff modelling using Catchmod to Environment Agency hydrologists nationwide.

Technical Experience and Capability

  • Hydrological studies for river modelling projects, including derivation of design and calibration events using the industry standard Flood Estimation Handbook (FEH) and other appropriate techniques. Licensed software includes:
    • WINFAP-FEH v3.0
    • FEH CD-ROM v3.0
    • ReFH Rainfall Runoff Model Software (Wallingford Hydrosolutions Software, design spreadsheet and ISIS module)
  • Application of FRQSIM for urban catchments and software development allowing joining of FRQSIM and Catchmod for analysis of larger catchments
  • Sizing of storage reservoirs for flood detention and drainage
  • Return period analysis of observed events
  • Drainage and Storm Runoff
  • Review and QA of hydrological studies
  • Delivery of Catchmod training courses to Environment Agency hydrologists
  • CAMS and RAM
  • Abstraction Licensing

Why choose us?

Our depth of experience with commercial and regulatory hydrological assessments means that we apply the most appropriate approach for your requirements; whether it be establishing design flood flows, low flow assessments or discussing water available for abstractions with the regulators.

We are up to date with most recent guidance for hydrological analysis, including frequently updated flood estimatin guidance released by the Environment Agency and othe updates to approaches incorporated in FEH CD-ROM v3.0 and WINFAP-FEH v3.0 and data presented in HiFlows-UK.

We have an excellent understanding of the accuracy and limitations associated with hydrometric data gained by staff working in hydrometric departments at the Environment Agency and predessor organisations and through development of flow processing and telemetry software. This experience and understanding is essential when utilising hydrometric datasets for hydrological analysis and hydraulic model calibration and verification.

Our technical capability is on a par with larger organisations; however our size enables us to provide reports at a competitive price and respond quickly. When dealing with Thomas Mackay Ltd you are assured of an experienced member of staff dealing with your project from start to finish.