Flood Risk Assessment

What we do

We provide detailed flood risk assessments for residential or commercial developments of any scale, nationwide.

Flood risk assessments (FRAs) vary from simple exercises for small/less vulnerable developments to detailed studies for more vulnerable/larger developments in Flood Zone 3. Detailed studies may sometimes require hydraulic modelling or other quantitative approaches to determine the flood risk to the development.

Our detailed knowledge of the planning process and relevant legislation (NPPF (National Planning Policy Framework) in England, TAN15 (Technical Advice Note 15: Development and Flood Risk) in Wales and PPS15: Planning and Flood Risk in Northern Ireland) allows us to undertake assessments to the appropriate level of detail for each development.

As active members of the flood risk community we keep up to date with relevant current and upcoming policy and supplementary guidance, such as the Environment Agency's Flood Risk Standing Advice for England and the implication of this on our project work.

Potential problems are highlighted at an early stage through anticipation of the requirements for site specific flood risk assessment and confirmation of these with the Environment Agency and other stakeholders and regulatory authorities prior to submission. This approach prevents unnecessary delays in gaining approval for the FRA within the planning system.

Our experience of flood risk projects for developments throughout the UK has highlighted the importance of maintaining communication with the Client, Environment Agency and local authorities in ensuring a quick and positive outcome.

We understand that flood risk assessments are often required urgently to avoid delaying the planning process. Thomas Mackay Ltd staff work flexibly and this along with our excellent technical resources and capability enables a quick project turnaround where necessary.

When preparing Flood Risk Assessments our aim is to maximise client return and ensure that proposed sites may be safely developed with reference to NPPF, TAN15, PPS15 and other relevant guidance.

Technical capability

  • Production of flood risk assessment reports
  • Hydraulic modelling of fluvial and coastal flooding (please see flood modelling page for further details)
  • Breach analysis and overtopping analysis (please see flood modelling page for further details)
  • Site runoff calculations pre- and post-development
  • Designs for in principle application of SUDs (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems)
  • Proposals and design in principle of appropriate flood mitigation, including:
    • Earthworks and other appropriate defences
    • Flood resilient construction techniques
    • Appropriate finished floor levels with reference to design flood level information
    • Response and evacuation plans

Why choose us?

Our knowledge of relevant planning policy and guidance (NPPF, Flood Risk Standing Advice for England, TAN15, and PPS15) as well as the processes involved in flood risk assessment and planning ensure that our reports include the correct level of information and are tailored to meet site specific issues. We can guide those who are not used to dealing with flooding and development and will clearly manage the expectations of what may or may not be possible at each site.

Our technical capability is on a par with much larger organisations; however our size enables us to provide reports at a competitive price and respond quickly. When dealing with Thomas Mackay Ltd you are assured of an experienced member of staff dealing with your project from start to finish.